Depressive metal songs

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The album is solid overall, but will be most remembered for its development of the genre.

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A lost love, a broken heart, regret, a soul in turmoil and a life ruined.


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Similar to doom metal, it.


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Good Depressing Songs Whataya Want From Me – P!nk; Bonus Songs About Depression.

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What's your Wednesday song? What gets your hyped or going?.

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The lyrics of the song convey depression in the light of colours and metaphors.


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What's your Wednesday song? What gets your hyped or going?.

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That is the message that R.


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Songs About Depression & Suicide, Final Thoughts On These Sad Songs About Loss & Feeling Hopelessness.

A lot of the metal songs about being depressed on this list fall under the category of black metal - an extreme form of heavy metal defined by lo-fi production, anti-social lyrics,.

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Characterized by lethargic atmospheres; usually repetitive song structures and slow-mid tempos; high-pitched wailing and gruff vocals; and usage of non-distorted instruments like keyboards and acoustic guitars.

Very much coming from a bleak ‘in the emotional sense of the word’ perspective on this album.

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What's your Wednesday song? What gets your hyped or going?.

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AKA: Suicidal Black Metal Depressive Suicidal Black Metal DSBM • 3,637 releases.

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DSBM (or D epressive S uicidal B lack M etal) is an aptly titled subgenre of black metal whose lyrics focus almost exclusively on suicide, depression, and similar topics.

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One of the forefathers of the genre, Forgotten Tomb play a cross between early depressive black metal and funeral doom.

Christopher R.

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Because most of those stuff are lyrically & musically very dark in general.
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What's your Wednesday song? What gets your hyped or going?
‘Cause baby, ooh, if heaven calls, I
Here is a list of depressive black metal artists on Spotify, ranked based on popularity, who exemplifies the depressive black metal genre